Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday at Parc Gallery

pouf! art + architecture had our first day with Parc Gallery users on Saturday, 18 September 2010. We met with about twenty-five dogs and their human friends, taking the dogs' pictures and learning about the park's importance. We heard some wonderful stories about dogs who were rescued, like Jack, Rocky and Duke, and dogs who are making new friends in the park, like Toby and Max, who visited for the first time that day, and Montgomery, who recently lost Remington.

Thomas taking Canelle's portrait, by Shauna Janssen

We found out about how the park users maintain and care for this space. Alan told us that the shack at the eastern end of the park was built by users to provide shelter during snow and rain. 

Photo by Thomas Strickland

Kathleen showed us hollyhocks and morning glories, which she explained had been seeded and planted on the edge of the park. 

Photo by Thomas Strickland

The portrait-taking went very well - we have some beautiful (and some hilarious) photographs of the dogs. We will be sending out individual photos to our participants soon! Keep watching this space as we develop a page of portraits, so you can see your dog's friends. If anyone missed our portrait-making session, but would like to be interviewed for this project and have a dog portrait included in our spring exhibition, please email us at:

Billy with Toby and Yuki, photo
by Thomas Strickland

Un gros merci and a big thank-you to everyone who came to Parc Gallery yesterday, as well as to our assistants, Nuria Carton de Grammont, Marie-France Daigneault-Bouchard and Emily Kirkman! 

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