Friday, October 14, 2011

Quiet time at Parc Gallery

Parc Gallery, October 14, 2011

Jessy Fuchs (Caroline), Isabelle Roy (Duff) and Thomas Strickland (pouf! art and architecture) had a very positive meeting with Tyrone Benskin, the NDP representative for Jeanne Le-Bar, yesterday. He will be including a text and images about Parc Gallery in his mailer to be sent out next week. An important course of action suggested at the meeting was to increase the park's visibility within Griffintown and elsewhere. Following this suggestion we have resolved to permanently install the images from the exhibit. We will be reinstalling them on the fence over the next week. Jessy, has already been in contact with Sophie Thiébaut of Projet Montéal, who has expressed interest and we will be following up with Benoit Durais. We have over 160 signatures on the petition, Wow! Please tell everyone you know about the initiative to save the park and get them to drop by and sign the petition! 

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