Monday, August 29, 2011

Exhibition at Parc Gallery

dog parc gallery opened on Saturday, August 27th. Despite warnings of Hurricane Irene perhaps interrupting the final hour of the vernissage, nature kindly held back and we had a stunning afternoon of sunshine, dogs, dog-lovers, art lovers and friends. It was wonderful to see so many of the dogs who had their portrait taken last fall - and some of them seemed to take a particular shine to their own portrait! We had many good conversations about the park, the people and the animals around us who, it must be said, stole the show.

Emily Kirkman captured a lively moment at the vernissage.

Thank-you to everyone who helped us make the exhibition happen: Shauna Janssen, our curator, Emily Kirkman, our photographer, Marie-France Daigneault and Nuria Carton de Grammont, who helped with the tables of catalogues and food, and Judith Bauer who provided us with a much-appreciated table top! Merci Isabelle Renaud of 100 Laisses (at 41 McGill) for your generous gift of dog and cat treats, and for thoughtfully bringing drinking bowls for our canine visitors. Thank-you so much, park users who came to the event. We still have a few catalogues for those of you whose dogs are in the show - we are happy to get these to you by mail or via a visit to the park, whatever works best for you. Send us a note via this blog, or by email:

A great day! Wouf x.

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