Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting the word out

Hello dpg followers and visitors,
As of today, we have contacted the following politicians about our project, hoping to spread the word about Parc Gallery and its uncertain future:
Maire de la Ville de Montréal, Gérald Tremblay
Maire de l'arrondissement, le Sud Ouest, Benoit Dorais
Conseiller de ville/City Councillor, Jocelyn Ann Campbell, Member of the Executive City Council responsible for Social and Community Development, Families and Seniors
Conseiller de ville/City Councillor, Alan DeSouza, Vice-Chairman of Sustainable Development, the Environment, Parks and Green Spaces
Conseiller de ville/City Councillor, Helen Fotopulos, Member of the Executive City Council responsible for Culture, Heritage, Design and Women’s Issues
Mr Tyrone Benskin, MP for the South-West, who has already responded and expressed interest in the project!
We have also sent a copy of our catalogue and press release to Serge Goulet, Co-President of Devimco, which has most control over the spaces surrounding the park.
In an effort to get a wider community interested, we have also sent catalogues and press releases to Phyllis Lambert, the well-known urban activist and founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Madame Lambert was instrumental in creating the heritage movement in Montréal in the 1970s. She is also, we know, a dog lover, so we hope this project takes her interest. A similar package went out to Mirko Zardini, the present Director of the CCA, and to Dinu Bimbaru, Director of Héritage Montréal.
We would appreciate other suggestions for politicians, public figures of influence, or professionals in urban planning and heritage who should receive a copy of the catalogue.

An example of the package that was sent out this week. 

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