Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Griffintown residents chose the neighbourhood because of Parc Gallery

Hello dog parc gallery followers,

As the plans for this weekend's public consultations about Griffintown's future finalize, we received this email from a soon-to-be resident of Les Bassins de Nouveau Havre, being built on the former Canada Post sorting station site, across the street from Parc Gallery. This is what Marie-Claude had to say:

"We are moving into Les Bassins du Havre in 2013 and are dog owners.  The presence of the dog park was an important factor in our decision to buy a condo in that project.To our dismay this morning, when we visited the construction site, a dog owner told us that the dog park was in danger of being shut down or relocated.  We found your address at the park and I am writing to offer any help that I can - from a distance because we presently live in Bromont.  I will of course speak to the developer, but circulating a petition is not a possibility.  If there is a copy of the petition somewhere, we will gladly sign it however.  And, if there is anything else I can do, please let me know."

This message was a welcome offer of help (thank-you Marie-Claude!) but it also sends an important message to those who are currently deciding Griffintown's - and Parc Gallery's - future. New residents want to live in a neighbourhood that has amenities such as an excellent, safe dog park.  Although we have received informal support from Devimco that they agree with the initiative to save the park, we still have not received official confirmation. And while the consultations this weekend are an important step towards showing the City of Montreal and their developer partners that there is much life in this park, there is still a long way to go towards saving Griffintown's oldest surviving public green space. Let's hope this weekend's efforts will help ensure that when Abaya and Beckham move from Bromont to Griffintown, Parc Gallery will be there to make their days joyful.

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