Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hopeful developments

At the Griffintown Selon Vous/Portes Ouvertes event on Jan. 20-21, we had the opportunity to visit a kiosk of the City of Montréal. They had multiple copies of their current planning document for Griffintown, dated 11-12 January, 2012.

We searched it for views of and information about Parc Gallery. And this is what we found:

Look closely and you will see, just south of Ste-Ann's park, a green rectangle - this is our very own Parc Gallery, which has not been noted as a green space on previous planning documents. This is extremely positive! Even better...

If you zoom in you will see a small symbol of a dog on this additional map of Griffintown. This means that, despite the worrying disregard for Parc Gallery's status as a public green space and official aire d'exercise canin, there is some recognition at the City that Parc Gallery is exactly that: a public, green space that serves the dogs of the south-west of Montreal.

The legend proves it! These maps are evidence that, no matter what challenges are ahead of us, there is a clear recognition of the use of this park, today. We can return to these planning documents in the future, if the need arises. Now to protect the park for good!

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