Thursday, January 19, 2012

Venez nous visiter - Come visit us: Jan. 21, Portes Ouvertes Griffintown

The Office of Public Consultation of Montreal is allowing the public to visit 16 kiosks that show the life of Griffintown today, and its importance to the future of the neighbourhood tomorrow, during an Open House at the École de technologie supérieure, 1100 Notre-Dame Ouest, 10am-4pm. A plan of the event space is copied below:

And here is the description of the larger event, which takes place over two days (you have to register for a spot in the colloquium and workshop through the OCPM's website - see link at right).

Notice in the second page, which has a map of the areas of concern in Griffintown, that Parc Gallery (which we have circled in red) is not noted. Our objective during the next two days is to change the perception that this is empty space! Our kiosk will have images from the dog park on display, a slideshow of dogs and human users of Parc Gallery, copies of our exhibition catalogue (which has lots of historical information) and our official "mémoire" or justification to save the park, sent out to approximately 20 politicians and heritage workers last year. We'll also have copies of our petition to sign - so please stop by and add your support to our cause! Cynthia and Thomas will be present representing pouf! art + architecture, and Claude T. (Canelle) and Isabelle R. (Duff) will be there representing the park's users, and the facebook page initiative. See you there!

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